Trackingplus Limited is a trusted and certified vehicle tracking company offering fast car tracking and fleet management solutions. As an industry leader, our solutions incorporate modern and up-to-date technologies to monitor, manage, track and recover cars, motorbikes and other assets. When you need efficient vehicle tracking, trust Trackingplus Ltd to provide the best tracking and fleet management services at affordable rates. Our reliable and efficient car tracking systems enables you to locate your vehicle or motor bike in real time, using any Internet-connected device.


To offer tracking services that are beyond the excellent.


To provide security services that are innovative, interactive and inspiring.

Our Vehicle Tracking Packages


Vehicle Tracking and Recovery, Real Time Location, Historical Monitoring, Fuel Monitoring, Geo Fencing, SMS Tracking, SMS Engine Switch off, Listening Facility


Vehicle Tracking & Recovery, Real Time Location, Historical Monitoring, Route Repeat, SMS Tracking, SMS Engine Switch on/off, Listening Facility


SMS Tracking, Listening Facility, Route Repeat


For Motorbikes

SMS Tracking, SMS Engine Switch on/off

Portable Units

SMS Tracking, Listening Facility

Car Alarm Systems

We install vehicle alarm systems at a affordable rates. Ranging from auto-watch alarms, gear locks and comprehensive car Antitheft Systems which provide complete solutions to safeguard your car against any theft attempt. We advice our clients on the best fit for their vehicle security system